January 13, 2007

A Long Overdue Update

It's been a long time since I've posted. I made a bunch of hats and mittens for Christmas gifts, but I didn't have a chance to snap any pictures. I finished up a few last minute projects, and visited both my extended family and my husband's extended family for Christmas. We had a blessed, if exhausting trip. Here's a picture of the munchkins on the Sunday before we left.

I was working on spinning a grey/purple glitz yarn in the two days before we left on our Christmas trip. I really wanted to get it finished in time to take with me to knit during our long drives, so I worked on it while the munchkins were awake, which I usually don't do. As I was spinning, I looked up to see this from my chair (A was just starting to get into things then, now he is all over!):

And her is one skein of the finished yarn, the purple is a little difficult to see:

As soon as we returned home, we started packing for our move halfway across the county. And that is where I stand, in limbo, waiting for our move to be completed. But I have been busy with crafting too, it has made things seem more normal.

My husband loves to play the piano. He doesn't get to play as often as he would like with the kids around, because they love to play too. Here is a picture of B at about 11 months "playing."

A is more active than B was at his age, and at 8 months, can barely reach the keys, but like to play as much as his big sister!

Currently the munchkins and I are staying with my parents while our belongings are packed and moved to our new place. I've actually finished a few things in the past few days. In the three days prior to leaving our old place (do you see a trend here?) I spun up 2 ox of mohair fluff from Margarett at Running Moon Farm. The picture can hardly do it justice. Browns are not really my color, but there is a beautiful range of browns and oranges. I spun a medium singles and plied it with sewing thread to make a loopy boucle. It was kind of fun to make, but it was a bit labor-intensive, so I don't think that I will be making this type of yarn a lot. I spun this for my Spin to Knit secret pal, and the exchange has inspired me to try things outside of my comfort zone. Here's a picture of the two skeins, although they are much prettier in person.

For Christmas, B received a kitchen set from my parents. It is staying here until our move is complete. So she has been cooking up a storm and "needed" a dishtowel. So I whipped this one up on Thursday for her. She loves it! I found some dishcloth cotton in my mom's stash, and designed it on the needles.
I don't like to carry a purse or a diaper bag, but I do need something to keep my wallet, phone, a diaper, some wipes, and frequently a snack for the munchkin in. I have a lovely bag from
Rebecca that I received as a gift in a swap. I like the size, but I really wanted pockets. So I found a pattern for this cute bag in the Winter 2006 issue of BHG Quilts and More magazine. The long strap slides through the shorter one to close the bag and form the carrying strap. I like it so much that I bought some more fabric to make another one today. And I made it in just one morning, which is even better!
Sorry to have gone on so long, but I had more to share than I thought! Wishing you all a belated happy and blessed new year!