October 27, 2007

Catching up

Well, I've been busy, even if I haven't been posting! Mostly I've spent my free time cutting, sewing, knitting, and spinning. I'm working on spinning up enough yarn to make sweaters for each of the munchkins this winter. I have some for the baby done already, and I'm halfway done with A's. B has hers picked out. Now to find enough hours in the day!

One of my many projects has been new diapers for A and the baby. Here is a cover for A, with an inner layer of leftover fleece and an outer layer of Joann's fake Minkee from the remnant bin. It works wonderfully over his fitted diapers, even at night! I used Rita's RRC pattern.
I have quite a few diapers cut out, but have only sewn a few. I know that it is easier to cut now than it will be in a few weeks when my belly gets bigger! I can hardly believe that we'll soon have a baby small enough to fit in these diapers! The orange one is cotton velour and the other three are sherpa, a soft brushed terry. I serged them on my new serger, an early Christmas present from my parents. It is wonderful, and while I lived for years without one, it is a great new toy!
I've also been making the munchkins new jammies. They always love the things I make. It is so nice to have an appreciative audience. Here is A in his first pair. They are quite large, even though I made a size smaller than I thought he'd need. I'm almost finished with a second pair from this pattern (McCall's 5222) and I took out an inch and a half from the front and back, as well as 4 inches from the leg cuffs, and they are still on the big side, but at least the neck fits! I made the bunny blankets (modified this pattern) while pregnant with A. His is green, and B's is purple. He frequently steals his sister's since it is softer. His has seen lots of love and frequent washings! The yarn is a furry chenille type (Paton's Be Mine, which I think is discontinued). Well worth the effort!
Here is B in her jammies. They are a size 2! Everything fits, but they are a bit short. I'll lengthen them a bit if I make it again, since the body fits fairly well. The pattern is New Look 6638. I was going to get a Kwik Sew pattern, but these were on sale. I really should know better, since I've only rarely hat fit issues with KS, but almost always do with the other big names! Oh well, live and learn, and learn, and learn. . . . . .

I haven't neglected my fiber crafts either. I spun a bit of wool from one of Cary's/Alex's yearlings Coryn, and crocheted this little lamb. The kids loved it so much I think that they'll each get one for Christmas. I hope she's happy in her new home!

This is an old project, a corn bunting that I knit for a neighbor's baby a few years ago. It was a pain to knit, so I just borrowed this one for the new one to wear this winter. It is really cute though! I am never happy unless I modify a pattern, and I used intarsia in this to have fewer seams to sew!
With cooler weather coming (although only here for a few days!) I've been knitting longies for A to wear over his diapers. The one with the brown top and the green/blue/yellow ones are his. The other two I knit for several swaps.

I also made a ton of play food for another swap. The munchkins will be getting some of these things for Christmas too. I used a pattern for the strawberries, but made up the rest as I want along. The banana even comes out of the peel, which A loved! I have I more ideas for food, but ran out of time on this one. There is an orange, watermelon, zucchini, cherries, ice cream cone, eggplant, banana, grapes, produce bag, potato, peach, strawberry, apple, lettuce, and pear, in a mix of knitting and crochet.
Lastly, for a play food swap, I made 4 felted tea sets. Each set has two tea cups, a tea pot and lid. Because I was making so many, I kept the sets small. B loved them and will get one for Christmas (do you see a trend here!). I have plans for a creamer and sugar bowl too, as well as a more rounded/traditional tea pot, and I've done some coasters. I designed these on the fly, and am really pleased with how they turned out.

That's most of what I've been up too, but I still have a ton on my plate before the baby is due to arrive. Off to find my sewing shears, pins, and fabric! (And get ready to watch the Red Sox in the World Series!)