July 03, 2008

HHHH Questionaire

1. How long have you been spinning? What skill level do you consider yourself? 4 years, intermediate
2. What kinds of yarn do you create (singles/2-ply/3-ply/art yarn)? Mostly 2/3 ply, with some of the others thrown in on occasion
3. What do you spin with (spindle/wheel/both)? Mostly wheel, but I like to spin really fine yarn on my spindle
4. What are your favorite fibers to spin with? Anything you don't like? I love wool, and wool blends (silk, mohair, angora, alpaca, etc), and like alpaca too, but usually prefer animal fibers. I don't care much for cotton.
5. Who are your favorite fiber sources (etsy or otherwise)? Yarn or Tale, The Good Sheep, Serenity Farms, Susans's Spinning Bunny.
6. What kind of fiber do you want to try? I've never tried any of the "new" fibers/blends like bamboo, or tencel.
7. Is there any techniques you would like to learn? I want to work on long-draw.
8. Do you dye fiber? If not, would you like to learn? I do, but I'd like to try some new techniques.
9. Do you have fiber prep tools (and like to use them) or would you prefer ready to spin fiber? I love to prepare my own, but ready to spin is nice sometimes too. I'm flexible!
10. What do you do with your handspun? What projects have you completed? I've made some socks, some baby clothes, but a lot of it is waiting for a project. I'm spinning some for a shawl or two also.
11. Are you in need of any spinning gadgets (WPI Gauge, threading hook, etc)? I don't have a WPI gauge, and my threading hook is the cheap one that came with my wheel. It works, so it hasn't been high on my list, but new tools are always fun!
12. What colors "fall into your shopping basket"? Any colors you just can't stand? I'm a big fan of cool colors: purple, green, blue. I don't care much for yellow or orange, and only like pink in smaller quantities.
13. What is on your wheel/spindle right now? My wheel has some Corriedale carded with sari silk, and my spindle has some tussah silk that I'm spinning into embroidery thread.
14. What other crafts/hobbies do you have? I love to knit and sew, and I'm starting to enjoy reading again.
15. Other than crafts, what are you passionate about? Jesus, my family.
16. Do you have an online wishlist? No.
17. Is there anything that you collect? Matryoshka
18. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? What magazine subscriptions do you have? I subscribe to Spin-Off. I'd like to get a copy of EZs Knitting Workshop, and Joyce William's Latvian Dreams, but can't think of anything else.
19. When is your birthday? January
21. What is the climate like where you live around this time (need to know for careful shipments of anything meltable)? Hot, but not unbearably so.
22. Tell us one weird fact about yourself! I don't like different foods to touch on my plate.

favorite painting/picture(link): Monet's The White Water Lilies (It is stunning in person!)
Candy: Dark Chocolate
Food: Mexcican-style
Drink: Water, then coffee
Movie(s): My Fair Lady
TV Show(s): Chuck, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Book(s): Doctor Zhivago, anything by Nabokov
Guilty Pleasure(s): Ice cream, chocolate

We're still alive here.....

I sort of dropped off the face of the earth for a while, but I'm still alive, knitting, spinning, and sewing too. In the time I've been away, my little A turned two and I made him a Percy's Chocolate Crunch cake to celebrate:

Here are all the kids dressed up for Easter. My SIL was visiting us, so they were being extra cute for her!
J is not a little baby anymore, he's already 6 months old and 21 lbs! He rolls all over the place and moves forward by flinging himself, which looks a bit like he's doing the butterfly stroke.

Here are DH, J, B, and A on our way to church a few weeks ago. I had made their outfits for one of my BILs high school graduation. B's dress is McCall's 4006. J and A have curved raglans from Ottobre 2/05, J's romper is from Ottobre 3/07, while A's shorts are just a basic pair from Kwik Sew for Toddlers.

And because who can resist a sleeping baby!