May 10, 2007

Spring and Summer Sewing and Almond Blossoms

We are headed to Nashville for a few days tonight, and I wanted to sew a few things for the trip. So I got out the sewing machine yesterday and churned out a skirt and two dresses. This skirt is Simplicity 5956, and is cut on the bias. I have made a skirt or two from this pattern before, and I like the way if fits. The fabric is some that I found at Joann's on sale last year. This is some more Joann fabric. The flowers are actually more green than blue. The dresses were hard to photograph well. The pattern is Simplicity 5049, and it is an empire waisted, short-sleeved dress. I meant to make the V-neck higher, but it was late when I was cutting the pieces out, and I just forgot.
I have realized that I really like Kwik Sew patterns. They almost never go on sale, but they fit better (on me) than many of the other brands. This is another short-sleeved, empire waisted, v-neck dress (do you see a theme here?), Kwik Sew 3253. They are all knee length, and very comfortable. I don't like to wear shorts much during the summer, I'd much rather wear skirts and dresses since I think that they are more comfortable.
These are a few blossoms from the flowering almond tree in our front yard. This is one of my favorite ornamental trees, so imagine my delight when it started blooming in the middle of April. Our yard is now covered with pink petals, but the tree was gorgeous in full bloom!