March 29, 2007

I've been busy, but don't have much to show

I have been doing a lot of knitting, but I don't have any pictures. I've been slogging away on a shawl that I plan to enter into the garment competition at MD Sheep and Wool (my first fiber even outside of Stitches Market!) and I'm at the point where I have 1000+ stitches on the needle, and I am trying to get 2 rows done per day. It is not very kid-friendly, so I tend to work on it in the evenings. I'm also test knitting some patterns for the EZasPi group, and and nearing completion with that. I hope to have some knitting and spinning pictures soon!

I did finish sewing some bags for two dear friends. The first is yellow with ladybugs and a watercolor-like interior.

This one had rainbow flowers and a dot inner. They are both reversible.
And so as not to leave the post too short, here are two pictures of B and A enjoying their new slide. It has been so nice here lately that we have been walking most days, checking on the progression of the daffodils and tulips. The afternoon often involve time in the back yard, with B on the slide, and me trying to keep A from actually swallowing any of the rocks that he like to try to eat.

March 04, 2007

Swap packages and some preemie sweaters

I had a busy mail week. I received my package from Kimberly, my A Life Overflowing partner. She sent me a fun mug filled with almond kisses (my favorite!) a tin of mints, some Cafe Godiva coffee (very yummy) , some pretty roving, and a pair of scissors with one of her fobs.

Here's a close-up of the scissors and fob. The fob has a great tea pot and cup charm on it. Thank you so much, Kimberly!

Yesterday my second skein in the Spin to Knit exchange arrived from Sande. She sent this huge skein of romney hogget and some of the roving, plus some from another sheep in the same flock. I was very blessed to have such a generous swap partner! Thank you! She spun this yarn for me to make some hats to keep the munchkins warm next winter. I think it wil be perfect for that!

Two weeks ago, one of the cousin in the family had twin girls, born 6 weeks early. They were 3.5 lbs each. I wanted to make something for them, so I dug out my crochet hooks (which I haven't done in several years) and made these two sweaters. The one with the blue flowers is from this pattern. I modified the pink one a bit, partly because I remembered halfway through the first one how much I dislike double treble stitches, and partly because I really don't like to make two things exactly the same. I hope they the fit the girls when they can come home. I hope to get a few more things made for these babies too. Since I was a preemie myself, I tend to have a soft spot for them!