September 19, 2007

Finished Sweater and Summer Fiber Swap Fun

The weather here ha been so wonderful for the past week! For church on Sunday we broke out some of A's clothes from the spring. His shirt was a bit small, but he looked so cute! He loved playing with the stuffed watermelon slice that I made for a friend.

The parts arrived over the weekend to fix our weed-eater, so the kids have been having fun in the back yard. A was playing with rocks, and B was enjoying the slide.

Over Labor Day weekend I finished the sleeves on DH's sweater. We went to visit my in-laws, so I had 16 hours to knit in the car. This picture isn't the best, but the kids were anxious to get on their walk! I started on it last August, but it got put away for Christmas presents last year, and then the move, but now it's done in plenty of time for the cool weather, and it fits DH wonderfully! And here is my Summer Fiber Swap package from Jennifer. She has an Etsy shop, Colorful Life, with pretty yarns and fibers. Here is a cup of cashmere (which I've yet to try!), some Targhee (which I've also been wanting to try!),luxury batts, and cotton yarn that she dyed/carded, note cards, a handspun key chain, and some chocolate (I ate that already, and even shared with DH!). Everything is just beautiful, and I can hardly wait until I can start spinning! I have a few things to finish first, but hopefully I can get to it all soon! Thank you so much!

September 05, 2007

Travel Sewing

We took a trip to visit family over the weekend, and I made these for the munchkins to take with us. It is a fairly long drive and they usually sleep for part of it. The last time they kept falling over in their carseats, so I made these a few hours before we left to help keep them propped up. I used some furry fleece that I got as a remnant from Joann's and just winged the pattern. I was thrilled that I made both of these for under a dollar! Both kiddos also need new bibs as their old ones are getting ratty looking. I was shocked at how expensive the ones in the store were the other day. And I am tired of pulling all of the velcro from the bibs off of the kids clothing when I do laundry. No matter how many times I close the tabs before the wash, they always come undone. So I made this bib with scraps for sherpa (brushed terry) and terry cloth sew onto a backing of flannel, all leftover from making diapers. I make wipes with the bigger scraps, but didn't know what to do with the smaller ones. I'm glad to have some ideas. I used some silver thread and decorative zig-zags to sew the pieces down, and made some bias tape from other scraps for the edging. I like the way it turned out, and so does B! And it is big enough to keep the yogurt off of her shirt at table level, which is her biggest problem!